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Search Engine Optimization Tips and Tricks

Search Engine Optimization is Not Easy, Even in Low Competition. You Have to Learn Few Tricks to Increase Traffic. Quality Content Required to Generate Leads and viewability.
Without Going to Paid Traffic, Content optimization is Better Choice. Paid Traffic is Gives only Instant Results, But optimized content gives Long Time Results. Better to Choose On-page Optimization and Off Page optimization.
Here are Few Optimization Techniques to get better Traffic and Keyword Positions. This optimization process not competed in single Step,
In this Process Involved, Ping, Submission. SEO Techniques 2024-2024
Search Engine Optimization is a very hot topic in search engine. Everyone wanted to rank these sites on the first page of Google search, get more traffic and Generate Leads.
Only a few lucky users can get their rank high with low work. In my opinion, Use SEO technique to Get Long-term benefits. Do it now for Future SEO 2024,

On Page and Off Page Optimization Techniques

Easy OnPage and Off Page Search Engine Optimization Techniques 2024-2024. These techniques can help for newbies. We Not Guarantee to all niche and Sites. Have a Look

• Use search engine friendly permalinks. Don’t use ‘?’, ‘&’, ‘!’ and other types of characters in URL. There is no use with using them in the permalink.

• Use hyphens (-) in between words, to increase the page readability.

• Try to Update post. Visitors do not like outdated Posts. Update the content frequently also useful in getting Fast index.
• Don’t use capital letters in URLs. Windows servers may case sensitive. Keep lowercase so there’s low problem.
• Optimize Your images, always Use alt tags and write a description of Images. That can help in traffic also and weightage to Page Keywords.

• Better to categorize your posts.
• Use Good anchor texts to interlinks. Don’t use “Click here” as anchor text. Better to use a keyword for anchor text.
• Use sub-directories rather than sub-domains when possible.
• Do not use underscores (_) in URLs Structure, use hyphens (-) instead.
• Use internal linking with Anchor Text to Related Pages.
• Use Comparative boxes instead of lengthy content between compare.
• Use RSS Feed visitors can Follow category specific RSS feed.
• Use rel=”nofollow” tag to low-Quality links For not passing page rank juice.
• Do keyword research
Do Keyword research on your site. Make sure not over optimize keywords better to use SEO Yoast like Plugins to know about the keyword usage on your Page or Post.
• Do not over optimize anything
• Create SEO optimized landing pages.
Better to use optimized pages to get more traffic and good keyword positions.
• Make sure your website is mobile-friendly
• Do SEO Audit on your website
• Publish fresh content frequently
• Use with infographics.
• Improve website speed. WordPress Speed up Plugins Can Help with WordPress Sites
• Optimize your content. Read More articles about content optimization.
• Use Google Plus
Google Plus Very helpful in generating, SERP, Backlinks and Fast indexing. Use Google plus page point your links from Google+.
• Write click-worthy titles and descriptions
• Permalink Structure.
• Find out what your visitors most searching

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