Buying Backlinks Form Fiverr, seoclerk etc , Safe? Safe Way To Buy Backlinks

What are Backlinks?

Backlinks are the links to your Website or Blog which are Pointing (Posted or Commenting) From other sites or Blogs. Backlinks are Most important for boost Ranks in Search Engines. Without Backlinks, you won’t get good results in SERP.  Inbound Links are essential for  Search Engine Optimization.

Buying Backlinks Safe?

Now Going To Buying Backlinks Form Fiverr, seoclerk etc Safe?

Buying Backlinks isn’t a good idea. Coz, You have to include a few rules while buying. By Following Backlinks buying Rules, You Can Buy Backlinks From Anywhere. You can Check Below SAFE BUY BACKLINKS RULES.

Newbies don’t know about Links Building. They Risk their sites in improper ways. Buying Links, Spamming and more.

How to Safe Buy Backlinks

In Link Building SEO Technique, Most SEO Not recommended buying Backlinks. Most of The Sellers do not follow SEO Rules, They Risk your Domain Spamming and Penalized. And Use Automated bots, Software to Generate Backlinks. Such Type of Most backlinks Is not Helpful For Quality Link Building.

how to Build High Quality Backlinks

How To Get PR9 DoFollow Backlinks Free

Website Backlinks Checker Tools

Safe Buy Backlinks Rules

Maintaining Safe and Quality Links is the Most important Task In SEO. Finding Spam links isn’t an easy thing.

In Link Building SEO Technique, Most SEO Not recommended buying Backlinks. Coz. You have to Check More analytics about an Inbound link, like DA, PA, Spam Score, Follow or no follow etc. These are only a Few Tasks, to ensure quality, there are many other more task also left. Take a Look At Top and Most used Quality analyzing tools for Spam avoiding.

Tools Like Website Backlinks Checker Tools helpful in examine, identify  Quality of  Inbound link and inbound Domain. These Tools can inspect link quality Free.

  • DA, PA of Backlink Site

If you Receiving an inbound link from any site You Must use Moz OSE Tool to determine DA, PA of the Link. Maintaining the above 20 DA gives Good Results in SERP. No traffic, No Shares (Social Signals) Page Backlinks may Resul Spam Risk. Buy Using Moz Open Site Explorer Your DA, PA, Spam Score Can Be Determine.

  • Index or No Index

Check the link is indexed by Search Engines or Not. If that is a no-index link, no use with that Link. Find out indexed or not by Paste and Search full URL in Search Engine. Check Robots.txt of that site no index tags, category, or blogs. Make Sure Your Link Showing results like Google, Bing, Yahoo Search Engines.

  • Inbound Link Site Spam Score

Check Inbound links of the site and Outbound links of the site. Spamming Level of Specific Page and Domain. Outbound, Spam level is Low Domains Are Good Source of Backlink Sites.

  • Age of the Backlink Domain

Links From New Sites are not Recommended. Age of the Domain is more Important in Backlink Indexing & Generating Good Results. Old, Running Websites are only Useful for Quality Link Building.

  • Do follow or No Follow

Compare to No Follow, Do-Follow Gives Good Results. They Can Give Page Authority, DA., and Most Do-follow Links also Not Recommended. Maintain both Links to avoid Spam Risk.

  • Category and niche of the Domain

If Your inbound Link Form Non-Related Category, Page Or Niche They are Not Useful. They Can Confuse Crawlers, in Giving Page Rank also. Choosing Related Category site is More useful.

By Maintaining Above Rules and Disavow bad links You Can Buy Backlinks. Best Of Luck, Happy Blogging…

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  1. Hey man,
    Getting back links from comments help in ranking on Google. Please tell me.

    One more thing, I have a blog named TechyHawk(It’s not for promotion), is it good for seo and readers. Your opinion matters. Please reply.

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