bing url submission plugin

Bing URL Submission Plugin

By the Plugin from the Bing Webmaster, Your new updated posts can be submitted automatically to Bing Search engine through bing Webmaster. We can have auto submission enable option right there, but why we need that if it doing work automatically without our precious time-wasting.

This is a Very Helpful Plugin because Most of the Bing crawler is not faster as Google in indexing your article into a search engine. Bing is slower compare to Google in indexing your new posts.

bing url submission plugin

This Bing URL Submission Plugin may give a better chance of getting your content into the Bing Search Engine faster than before.

Why don’t we need if it automatically doing our Manual Time taking works?

What This Plugin Can Do?

  • Automate URL Submission
  • Manual URL Submission
  • View Stats of Submission
  • View recent Submission
  • Re Submit recent Submission

Maximum of 20 successful and 20 failed submissions in last 48hrs will be displayed in the plugins dashboard. Ok let’s go to Plugin Installation and activation section.

bing plugin auto submission

How to Install Plugin

  • Login to you WordPress
  • Go to the dashboard plugins section
  • Add New Plugins
  • Search for Bing URL Submission Plugin By Bing Webmaster
  • Install and Activate

Here You can download and install Bing URL Submission from the WordPress Plugins Page.

How to add API Key

  • Go to Bing Webmaster
  • Select Your Profile
  • Generate API Key
  • Copy and Paste it in Plugin

That is the bing URL auto submission is activated when you added your new post that can be automatically submitted to bing search through Bing webmaster tool by this plugin.

We can enable Manual Submission, or we can Disable plugin if we don’t need. That all about this Bing Plugin.

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