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About RSS:

RSS is a Rich Site Summary Used in Websites, that is useful to read the latest posts from the Feed URL.

RSS Feed submission is very helpful and Easy to Get Inbound links from most sites. That type of submission is also helpful in getting Feed Readers. RSS feed directory listing for Better Rankings.

RSS URL of the Website/Blog

We can use RSS feeds like Category Feed, Comments Feed, Author Feed etc., By selecting Feed type your update is different, If you selected comment feed you would get any new comments like updates. If you selected author feed, You would get any New posts from that selected Author. This is The best option to get selected updates if they’re providing.

For example, if you’re using Drupal the RSS URL mostly like>

Different types of Feed WordPress, If you are using custom permalinks, the following types:

Online Feed Readers

This kind of Online Feed Readers Helpful to Read the selected URL Updates/posts. The users are helpful to visualise the feed from feed URL to Text. Have a Look at the below listed some Online Feed Readers to get an Idea about feed also. RSS Feed Sites List 2024 Below.


Benefits Using with RSS Feed

  • Get Automatic Updates
  • Better, Easy and Free Traffic
  • Spam Free
  • Auto News updates without Surfing Multiple sites
  • Can able to follow blog comments also
  • Better link Promotion
  • Follow the website or blog updates
  • Increase brand awareness
  • Fast Multi channel promotion

In RSS update posts only not included pages.

RSS Feed Submission Sites List

The RSS submission is like sitemap submission, by using RSS Feed URL you can Submit all your Posts. Once you Submit your Feed to Feed listing sites, Your new updates (posts) automatically get into that listed sites. List of RSS Feed submission sites 2024. Increase your traffic Free. A better way to Promote your Brand.

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Updated 2024

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