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How to stop getting Spam Comments on WordPress


Prevent spam comments on WordPress with Plugins

Nowadays we are facing more spam comments, WordPress Plugins Developers Solved this problem with simple plugins in WordPress simple free plugins helpful to prevent spamming. Get rid the Spammers by using Simple and Easy Plugins.

prevent spam comments

  • Akismet WordPress Plugin

This Akismet is one of the most using top rated plugins in WordPress. Akismet is the Best Rated anti-spam plugin. This plugin Prevent Comment Spam, confirms contact forum spam. These anti-spam WordPress plugin checks comment against Akismet confirms that spam or not.

This plugin is helpful to prevent spammy comment. Akismet Automatically Block spam comments and send them to spam, we can review them, in spam folder comments automatically removed by WordPress after 15 days. This Way Akismet Prevent spam comments in WordPress.Don’t worry about spammers to your site, simply add Akismet Plugin to your Website.

  • Captcha by BestWebSoft -Wordpress Plugin

Best anti-spam captcha plugin for WordPress is BestWebSfoft . when someone commenting before submitting captcha will appear, robots will not solve the captcha. So 90% of spam bots will be blocked by this plugin. They block most of the WordPress spam bots by captcha.

Easy to change Captcha protection with letter, numbers and images what we want. Simple math actions such as add, subtract and multiply

BestWebSoft Free Features

  • BestWebSoft Add captcha to:
    • Login form
    • Registration form
    • Comments
    • Custom form

AntiSpam Bee is widely using WordPress Anti-Spam plugin, plugin avoidAuto Prevent WordPress Spam comments without capt ch plugin avoid max spam comments in WordPress.

Wp-Spam Shield Anti-spam plugin is a WordPress free plugin used to prevent spam comments. This plugin is user-friendly WordPress anti spam plugin. Drill SEO recommended this prevents spam comments in WordPress. this WordPress plugin is all in one anti-spam plugin. not required captcha typing, they detect and remove spam comments automatically. also, Learn about WordPress Speed Up

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