80+ Web Page ranking Factors


 Web page Ranking Factors List

Quickly Getting the First Position in Search Engine to Every Keyword is Not Possible and Not Easy. Every New Blogger assumes that ranking with few articles or article is easy in google By using Keywords and content, But that is not an easy task. There are Much More Ranking Factors that affect Keyword Positions in Google of Google Ranking, factors as On-Page Factors, Off-page Factors and Other Technical Factors. By the Experience, We Found out and listed Some of the Ranking Factors below. There are So many Google Ranking Factors Than The List, But This May Helpful Somewhat. Have a Look At the List Below.

On Page SEO Factors 

On-Page SEO Factor is the Most important and Possible in effect Ranking. If On Page is not Good, Mostly You will not Get Good Results in SERP. probability in Ranking You need to provide good optimization on your site. This on-page  Ranking Factors List 2021-2022 to requirements of works for a website, Better Optimization Tips.

1.Content category

One Of The Most Important SEO Factor For Keywords Ranking is Content-Length. So Many SEO experts Saying Content is King. Yes, that’s true. Without Quality content, You will not get Results and Rankings. If you Using More Quality Content with Keywords, Your site Keywords Strength, Crawl Rate, Keywords on search engines will Increase. if You have a similar category of content that may affect your rankings.


If Your content is Very Long or very less, don’t mean that is a Good Article. Article with Good Points, Simple Understandable words usage, Good explanations, Bolds and Italics usage, Good Title Structure, etc,  are called as Good Content-Length. Mostly the average good content is 500-1000 words required in top-ranked content.

3.Keywords in Page & Website

The Usage of the Keywords must be maintained upon the content length. Keyword stuffing is Not a Good Idea, Your site or blog may lose keyword rank in search engines. Choose Related Keywords. Use Not only High competitive keywords But also use Low competition keywords, They Sure Help in the ranking.

4.Content H1, H2 Tags

Very few cases Cause Tags Error then You have to Follow a Good Structure. H1 is the Top level then H2, H3, H4….etc. For Better Ranking Most of the websites, bloggers follow Title as H1 Tag the followings are subtags to h1.

5.Keyword Density

The Average Keyword density for the page is 1-3%. Use up to 3-5 keywords only low density to avoid spamming.

6.Image Optimization

Image Optimizations is one of the most important SEO Ranking Factors. Image Optimization is also helpful in Users retention. Over Optimization is also Not good. Have to Maintain the Average Quality. Online Image Compression tools are also useful in Optimizing the Images.


Sitemap generation or Creation is the Important SEO factor. The good sitemap for better Index ratio.


Choose the Best Robots.txt file. Which you want to block or which you want to allow on your Site or Blog.

9.Internal Linking

A better way to generate backlinks to your site is Internal link building. Building Quality links to Related Posts, Helpful similar articles with Anchor text to increase keyword Depth.

10.Text To HTML ratio

You have to maintain more text than HTML. If your site or blog page with more HTML is resulting in bad rankings.

11.Keywords in Domain

While choosing a domain name, better to choose keywords related to Name. That helpful lot without keywords stuffing in the website.

12.Permalink Structure

Using dates instead of name is most useful. Utilizing category also May More useful in Ranking Factor.

13.Country TLD

County TLD is a matter in County ranking. Search engines Give Priority to TLD also

14.Content Updates

The Content Update ratio is more important. Depend on the Content Your Crawl rate Depends. frequently update content or New fresh posts is one of the Ranking Factor.

15.Outbound Link

What are and how many outbound links, Which links are pointing to other site and content.

14.Grammar and Spelling

In Content Quality Grammar and Spelling mistakes. Grammar correcting tools are helpful to Correct Grammar and Spellings


The Readability ratio or rate of the content. Visitors Readability to get More Reading Time, Users Retention.

16.Page Category

Page Categorization, the Page in which Folder or category. Content Related Category

17.Page Age

content freshness or the Page Trust worth by the submission date. Page Age Priority to Give Good Rankings.

18.Useful pages contact us, Privacy policy, Disclaimer

Related and Useful pages like Privacy, Disclaimer pages to love search engines and Visitors to tell your site Policy.

19.Number of Pages

How many Total Pages on your site or blog. The More Pages is equal to More Keywords and More Crawl download size.

20.Popups and Ads on the Page

The Usage Of More ads and Scripts is resulting in More loading time and Users bad experience.

21.Page Optimization

Over Page Optimization or no optimization cause Less Priority to Rankings.  Here list of Page Optimization Tools.

22.Site Optimization

in Google Ranking Factor website optimization is important. Site Optimization gives a good User Experience.

23.Canonical URL

Wrong Canonical Forum or No canonical URL resulting Crawl Confusion assuming Different and Duplicate content.

24.Page Loading Speed User Experience

More Loading time of the page resulting Bad Experience of the users. Plugins available in WordPress Speed up

25.Affiliate Links

How many and Pointing(spam, bad) sites cause less priority to rankings.

26.Alt Tags

Images usage with Alt Tags and Description is the Matter in getting Traffic and increasing the Strength of the focused Keywords.

27.Structure Data Schema and Micro-formats

Schema and Microformats usage.

28. Ads Above the Fold

Above the fold Optimization is the most important thing for fast loading of the page or site.

29.Rich snippet

Rich snippets and Reviews of the page, Review of the users for more Priority.

30.Comments of The page

Visitors Comments of the page with Keywords in that Article to get Keyword Strength

31.Related Posts Tags

Post Tags, Pages in that Tags

32.Compression Level

HTML, JavaScript and CSS Compression level, The Compression Depth.


Domain Length, Domain Keywords, Special Characters in the domain.

34.Subdomains and blogs

Using Subdomains and Blogs with the content on it, Content category, Traffic. and Backlinks.

35.Duplicate Content

Duplicate content or Copy paste content in Article will sure loss your rankings in Search Engines.

36. Duplicate Tags, Description

Duplicate Description or Tags duplication bad for SERP

37.Content Update Frequency

Content Update Frequency Resulting Better rankings,  More fresh content is more keywords and more Traffic.

38.Page Redirects

301 redirections, 302 redirections and many more type redirections. If they are correct and fewer Redirections for Good SERP.

39.User reviews/Site reputation

Users Reviews and Brand Awareness without spam is Good For Better Rankings.

40.Requests from the Page

More Requests and Scripts cause fewer rankings. More requests may affect page loading.

41.Mobile Optimized

Mobile Optimization is more important nowadays. Because so many using only mobiles to browse.

Off Page SEO Factors

Some of the Off Page SEO Factors are Effect on Your Keywords Rankings in Search Engines. Few are Listed Below They helpful in Boosting Your Keywords Rankings.

42.Guest Posts

Guest posting on Related sites gives Good Backlinks for better rankings. guest postings on your site to increase content.

43.Inbound Links

The Quality and High authority backlinks lead to best or Top Rankings.

44.Social Shares

Social Sharing to increase Brand awareness in Social media.

45.Social Bookmarking and Social Signals

One of the Priority gives by the Search Engines to Social Bookmarking and Social Signals.

46.Guest Blogging

Guest Blogging on other sites or Free Blog sites to Get More Backlinks and Brand Awareness.

47.Quality and Authority Sites Bookmarking

Bookmarking on High Authority Sites or blogs.

48.Domain Age

Age of the Domain is More important to Getting top rankings in Search Engine. The New sites or blogs are less priority in Search Engines; they won’t get better rankings than other sites. Minimum Age is Required to get the Keywords to increase Rankings.

49.Number of Inbound links

The number of Inbound links to page and Site. Inbound Links Quality with a type of link.

Technical and Other SEO Factors

Other SEO related and Technical Factors also Cause Your Keyword ranking Position. These Tips may be Useful or Know the Ranking Influence.

50.IP Address Spam

The Web Sharing hosting IP address spam score, The Manual Link Building user IP Address Spam Score. The site Promoter Spam Score.

51.Domain Authority

Authority of your website. More Domain Authority for better Trust worth of the Search Engines.

52.Domain Long Registration

How long your Domain is Registered. How Many Years the Domain is registered is one of the Ranking Factor.

53.Keyword research

Keyword Research and Usage of the Keywords in Content. High and Low Competition Keywords are analyzing and used on the Page. Keywords Density in Website.

54.Page Authority

Content or Article page Authority and Web page Authority

55.Redirection from Websites

Related Domain Redirection. Your Old Domain to New Domain Redirection. Related Blogs Prediction. Related Blogs or page Pointing to Related Page.

56.Traffic and Bounce Rate

How much Traffic is Receiving that site and How many daily Visitors Coming with Perfect Bounce Rate to That Page. Better to use Google Analytics to Analyze the Traffic and Bounce Rate of the site or blog.

57.Crawl Rate

Crawl Rate of the site.

58.Trust Worth of the Sites

Website Trust worth. The Webpages, Daily updates, Crawl Rate, Traffic.

59.Spam Score

Website Spam Score. The score by Spamming and bad link building causing the loss of rankings.

60.Sandbox check

Over Linkbuilding at a specific time and Too many Posts Posting at the Specific time cause your site into SandBox. Check Google Sandbox

61.Page Host’s Domain Authority

Which Hosting are you using, that Hosting Provider Domain authority. The Hosting Uptime and Server response.

62.Server Location

Your Server Location. How Fast Are You receiving data to your Location?

63.SSL Certificate

By using an SSL certificate will increase your site Trustworthy. The Usage is for Better Rankings.

64.YouTube Ratio

The High Domain Authority site of The Youtube usage for your brand awareness. The ratio of your Youtube Videos. Content in Description of the Videos, Linking to the Perfect page.

65.Usage Of Google Products

The Google Products like Webmasters or Search Console, Google Analytics, Youtube, Gmail, Blogspot, etc., To Your Site and For Your site to get Trust worth and Better Position.

66.Country TLD of Referring Domain

Your Inbound links TLD to get Country Priority in Country Rankings.

67.Wikipedia Source

Getting a High Authority page or link back from the site like Wikipedia to Get Top Rankings For Specific page or Keywords.

68.Age of the Backlinks

Your Backlinks Created or generated date, the Age of the Backlinks

69.Link Building Type

Link Building type, anchor text, Image or direct link

70.CTR of the Page Keywords

Average CTR, Impressions getting to a specific keyword. How much percentage of the visitors attracting by your title and description.

71. Retending Traffic

Retending Users to your site.

72.Local Targeting

Local targeting in classifieds, Local Free Ad Posting, Local Sites listing.

73.Paid (Advertisements and Traffic)

The Traffic coming from the referral site by paying is little priority. The Traffic coming from Advertisement on the Search Engines with Good priority. Paid Advertising with Google ads with proper keywords by target setting proper page.

74.Brand Value

Your site or brand Value by Increasing Trust worth and Sharing.

75.Local Listing

Local Listing Using Search Engine Related Listing for More Priority in Local Keywords.

76.Page Cache and Browser Cache

Page Cache usage, Image expiry date.

77.Google Penalty

Site Google Penalty. check your site is with Google Penalty or not.

78.Disavow Tool

Removing Bad inbound links or backlinks to get Fast Movement of the Keywords Ranking.

79.Server response time

Response time of your website and server.

80.CMS type

Using CMS type, Your site is a blogger, WordPress, HTML, Joomla The rankings may vary. Depend on the type of your Using and Security The Ranking also Change Faster or Slow.

81.Search Visibility

Search Visibility of the Keywords. The Impressions getting to the Keyword and Related keywords daily. Better to use Google Search Console to analyze Results.

82.Broken Links

How many broken links on your site or blog. which are correct redirection or perfect 404 Usage? Check and Correct site broken links

83.Search Engine Submission

website or blog to Quality Search Engines Submission like Google, Bing, Yahoo Helpful lot in getting Traffic and Quality Visitors.


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