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How to find which Theme Website Using WordPress – Detect Site Template online

WordPress Theme Detector Online

WordPress plugin or Online detector  By using Site URL. WordPress website Theme Detector is a plugin or online detector like Joomla theme detector, Magento theme Finder, Drupal theme detector, Shopify theme detector

Have you ever questioned?  What is WordPress subject that excellent web site the usage?
If you bet that a site you want uses WordPress, input its address and hit the button. Our device will examine it for you and will display an entire lot of records approximately the WordPress subject and plugins getting used. And other Theme detectors.

We listed Below Simple and Easy tools, by using them you can Find the theme which using by Websites.

  • WPthemeDector

WordPress Theme Finder wp theme detector is a free tool that allows you to find all the information about the WordPress subject and plugins presently being used by a website. Find CMS Of the Website. This Plugin also shows the Theme URL and Some Plugins using on that site.

Wordpress theme detector
  • ScanWP Theme Detector

Scanwp WordPress Theme Detector (Including Plugin detection)
Want to recognise what WordPress theme a site is the use? Did you notice an excellent internet site and need to identify how it turned into built? Just input the online website URL, and our WordPress subject detector will do the relaxation.

  • Who is WP Detector

A Free WordPress Theme Check Whoiswp.Com is the closing online detecting device to help you find out what WordPress theme a website is using. Get geared up to unharness your inner web fashion designer and start growing the internet site of your desires just with the aid of the utilisation of this excellent platform and our free subject detector.

A WordPress Theme Detector to Use in 5 Easy Steps

1. Copy the URL of any WordPress website
2. Open Whoiswp.com
3. Paste the copied link into the search box
4. Press the Search button
5. Done! Now you know that site’s theme and plugins

  • What WP Theme is That

What WordPress Theme Is That is also an online tool that allows you to quickly detect what WordPress theme a site uses (including parent and child themes).   It also detects what are that site WordPress Plugins are using.

Scritch CMS Detector

Scritch tool will analyze websites and Try to discover the Website Platform, language, framework and other features used for Most type sites. No plugins or extensions required and also, it works with or supports the majority of the browsers.

CMS Detector of Scritch is an experimental service,  Contact them if any problem occurs or  Your site detected wrongly.

  • Shopify theme detector

shopthemedetector site is helpful in detecting the Shopify theme. Try this out for Shopify theme finding.

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