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free URL Shorteners online 2024

A URL shortener is an online application that converts long or regular URLs into short, condensed links for easier sharing.

Best and Free URL Shorteners List 2024

We have compiled a list of the top and best online URL shorteners in 2024, all of which are free and provide valuable tracking information to help boost your click-through rate. Experience the convenience of small, compressed links for seamless sharing.

  1. Bitly URL Shortener

Bitly is one of the most widely used URL shorteners, offering a simple and free link shortening service. Easily simplify long URLs and track their performance by adding a “+” after the shortened URL.

  • How to Track URL: Track Bitly URLs by adding “+” after the shortened URL.
  • Tracking includes: Total clicks, Date
  1. Free URL Shortener allows you to shorten and personalize any link. It provides real-time traffic statistics for your links and is a free service. Track your link by adding ” – ” after the short URL.

  • Tracking includes: Referrer site, Total clicks, Referrer (clicks from), country, city, user IP, and date
  1. Tiny Simple URL Shortener

TinyURL is a free URL shortener that makes link shortening easy. Create short links effortlessly for efficient sharing.

  • Tiny URL Services: Fast and reliable URL shortening services.
  1. – Easy Shorten URL is a highly regarded URL shortener that provides an easy option for link shortening. Convert long URLs into short links effortlessly with this free URL shortener.

  1. Free URL Shortener URL Shortener is a free online service that allows you to shorten links without the need for signup. It is useful for social sharing and provides tracking codes for shortened URLs. Easily switch between HTTPS, HTTP, or no HTTP for the best link shortening experience.

Highest Paying URL Shorteners

Explore some of the highest paying URL shorteners and discover opportunities to earn money through shortened URLs. Good luck with your URL shortening endeavors!

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