List of Top and Best free url shorteners online 2017

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What is URL Shortener?

URL shortener is an online application, which converts Long or regular URL to short URL

Best and Free URL Shorteners List 

We listed top and best online URL Shorteners
which are free and providing tracking information.
Google’s one of the product in the forum of  URL Shortener. that URL starts with Goo.Gl
GoogleURL shortener is the Best real time tracking providing service.
Using Google  URL shortener we can short and share easily.
they providing tracking feature to that shorted specific  URL.
The analytics data from shortening URL given by Google are:
Total clicks, Referrers, Browsers, Countries, Platforms, Time and Date. This is the Fastest Server. Google URL Shortener chrome Extension available in chrome web store. URL shortener most using URL shortener. It is a free link shortener. Easy simplify the long URL through this.We can track the Bitly URL by adding + after shortening URL.

 How to Track URL?

We can track the Bitly URL by adding  + after shortening URL. trackings are Total clicks, Date
Shorten and personalise any link. shows real-time traffic statistics for your links.and it is a Free service. link track by adding ”  –  ” after the short URL
Referer site,Total clicks,Referer(clicks from),country ,city, user IP and date

Tiny URL shortener is the free URL shortener. we can short the links easy. Shorten links are the best way to share.

This Free Shortener also providing fast shorten. Tiny URL services good URLs shortening services. creating URL from Long URL Easy. best URL shortener. Providing link shortening option. Long URL to get a short link using this Link Shortener.This is the Free URL Shortener URL Shortener is a Free link Shortener online Service. we can use this service free without signup. Shorten links useful for social sharing.

OZE.IO is a Free Url Shortener, they providing tracking code for shortening URLs. we can switch between https, HTTP or no HTTP. Best Link shortener.


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Try and Good Luck

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