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I’ve been doing affiliate marketing for seven years, I will share with you many secrets learned, I to you Affiliate Marketing Teach well about. In this affiliate Marketing for seven years now, and I have an 11 plus website portfolio, Along with that I also do pay to consult, I am a speaker and trainer.

Now The big question is what is affiliate marketing in affiliate marketing Three parties there was a merchant involved Or affiliate network Consider it Amazon, Then Since you are an affiliate that promotes merchant products through a special affiliate link.
Someone When you purchase a product through your special affiliate link Earns commission. You can now make money on my affiliate marketing links.

Amazon affiliate program sign up

In the next step, Amazon Associate To account How to sign up for approval and About how it should not be banned The next lesson details the most important tells you how to rank your article number one in Google search results tell me. Website about guitar and you Since the article is written like the best guitars in India, I will share with you all the strategies I use to rank number one for my target keyword And the last step is to email me, thank you. Introducing you to affiliate marketing, I would love to see some success stories if you like your site, I Can work with you on other projects So now let’s talk about how much money you can make It all depends on how much time you are willing to invest in your website, Yes, if you follow the full playlist you will earn more money if you invest more time, Then I can tell you that you will make some money sure Affiliate Link Looks like this

Join By clicking the above link.

At the beginning of this month, this seems a little complicated, Because you are new to it But with a few days to run Once you have scaled the website you will become a pro, And then all you already have The secrets are known, And then you can create more websites Build and still scale a team as I started as a One-Man Army, but today Nine full-time people work on my affiliate websites, When you grow up planting a tree, All you have to do is Just spend a few hours on your website And it will continue to bear fruit for many years to come, Now Let’s talk about common affiliate marketing mistakes new The affiliate marketers are as follows Common mistakes Do, I do them when I start The first mistake I made was not showing g patience You will not start making money the first day, Slow and steady you Scaling The second mistake that is made Most people will watch the lessons if you do not implement them But very few of you Not only people who run but people who run The best So you just get the results Lessons Not only to see but also everything I tell you Make sure not to run and not just run So many questions in your mind

More about sites

How to sign up for an affiliate network I’m on how to create your links on that. I will show you step by step. Follow these links Free for thousands of people Provide, and then make money from your links, Almost all leading companies use affiliate marketing to drive customers. That’s Amazon, Flipkart, Ola Uber Swiggy, Foodpanda, Zomato is almost all famous Companies are doing it.

How to do affiliate marketing online is an important question. This will help you better. The biggest benefit of the day is that my websites are online at Autopilot, today my Websites Running free traffic every month from Google and I are offering affiliate commissions, so now you have.

Let’s talk about who can learn affiliate marketing. You do not need special qualifications, Any technology you don’t need, Normally All you need is a laptop or computer And internet connection only want, affiliate link. All you need to know about marketing is that you make money from the comfort of your own home, age limit is not a huge course. There is no fee to learn, Only your willingness and your willingness to make money online. Friendship with the people I earn I am from the affiliate market. Hundreds of thousands of dollars a month to lakhs of dollars a month. So now Let’s talk about the best way to learn affiliate marketing well when I started,

There is no one to tell me the best tips, The tools or strategies that work are yours. Feel lucky, I will teach you And To you at every step I will guide, the person who made the mistakes should guide you So that you do not have to repeat the mistake. Now no affiliate Let’s talk about networks in the market. To focus on the fact that there are thousands of affiliate networks, I’m from my affiliate websites. I use 50 plus affiliate networks to make money.

So, Which should you choose?

I.e. ClickBank and Commission Junction

There are complex ones like Commission Junction where you need knowledge. Advanced digital marketing to make money. I recommend it because of the reason. The competition is so fierce for beginners who are just starting out doing what they do Is an Amazon Associate Learning And easy to promote and Why do you focus only on Amazon dot on Amazon? The largest e-commerce website is running over 2.5 billion visitors per month on Amazon India. Or The best part is running more than 360 million people a month, each

Experienced affiliate marketer And targets not only the US market but also Amazon. There is zero competition in India. So making money from the Indian Amazon Associate account.

100 times easier than advertising on or the US market Your link to your Amazon affiliate There are many other reasons why you should join the Amazon affiliate network once promoted There are So cookie duration is 24 hours so customer anything. The purchase is over. In the next 24 hours. Your commission for it. The second good thing to get is, affiliate to you Since the commission is the total card paid, suppose you suggest someone buy a t-shirt, However that guy jeans. He also ended up buying a cap and a t-shirt, So you are not just for production. Get a supplementary commission on the total cart value.

You recommended that this is the best part about Amazon affiliate links and Because Amazon‌ has a lot of data and optimization. Most people buy a lot of other products, And You can see the recommended product in the image on the screen. Most of the products sold are not the products I am promoting, Other products that people bought when I suggested them and I still do. I got a commission and third benefit Amazon brand

I guarantee you will make it in months when you rank your article in Google search results No need to work on your website, This is a monthly free traffic month, unlike other platforms. Google is not going anywhere, so you’re No need to worry that Google do You make money from your affiliate website Acquirable affiliate links There are many other ways apart. IP Opportunity brands will start emailing you, You can also make money through sponsored links, I charge from 10 000 to 20 000 rupees for a sponsored review And finally, you Decide not to like Amazon affiliate Website And you want to sell it, and then the website Sells 30 times its monthly revenue So you Monthly from your website If earning Rs 10 000 on the basis Say you can sell it for Rs 3 lakh, Most of you know how to open a YouTube channel or Instagram Ask me in the comment section for other ways of doing affiliate marketing, such as doing through,

How to Promote Affiliate Links

Best Tips For Amazon Affiliate Program Tutorial, here are a few promotion methods that may help to increase sales and earning money.

Create a website

though Build a Website like Amazon is the biggest now, One of the e-commerce websites in India. They are spending lakhs and crores on advertising and now About Amazon. Everyone knows there is trust on Amazon. So the exchange of people who buy on Amazon The rate is too high. Helps to get more sales And hence more affiliates, I have a huge 3.5 in earning a commission. I’ve gotten the conversion rate, so every 100 people I refer to Amazon‌. About three to four people, This is because buying products ends. Excellent. So now let’s talk about how you can make it. Making money from affiliate marketing The simple answer is to create a website

And scaling is the easy answer, don’t worry, I do, I will not tell you this article. In conclusion, I will tell you how to choose a profitable location Lesson three I like your pro. I will show you step by step how to create an Amazon affiliate website, I will share all the strategies I have learned over the past seven years in building and scaling affiliate websites. So you Be sure to check out our full playlist. Amazon affiliate website per month
From zero dollars to a thousand dollars. Also created a comprehensive e-book on how to scale and how to scale it to tens of thousands of dollars a month.


So each Let’s take the option one by one and its benefits and let’s share the risks, so let’s start by opening a YouTube channel like most other YouTubers that can open any niche YouTube channel And they are also a good supplement You are earning revenue based on fashion. Can create a channel and be fashion related

Can promote products Technology-based YouTube channel write and promote products like Technical Guru. However, the main factor for stress That is, YouTube Already all popular. It is becoming a competition for categories, which is the fashion bait gardening bait YouTubers already have the technology, though are dominating. A few years ago And when competition is low. Now due to Reliance, Geo Wave is Already one of the most lucrative niche. The channel is dominating now. I love that you can not do this Yes you can open a YouTube channel and yes You can scale it But it is very difficult to scale, You have to be patient, you should also show your face and you. I also have to invest in the expensive equipment I am going to create. The channel will soon have a YouTube marketing course. So its Make sure you have a membership to inform about, though YouTube is more competitive compared to the Amazon alternative.


I’m telling you now, Instagram Let’s talk about promoting affiliate links, One thing to note is that every social media
The platform comes and goes, So Instagram May does not survive for a few years And gain followers in 2024. Is very important. Difficult compared to a few years ago, Book wants Now Competition is also increasing on Instagram Because people know how to make money And Instagram wants you to Because of paying money to get those followers. Organic growth is reduced, and The worst part is that Instagram, Is the only place where you can add an affiliate link. Is. Since he is a bio, the Number of clicks on affiliate links Is very low And so on The total commission you make in a month is very low And hence I do not recommend Instagram as the only source that promotes your affiliate links.


Every social media platform, Going towards pay-to-play mode like Facebook, before that Organic Reach is very high So you If you have 10000 page likes posting a new post-Tell 10 000 people were able to reach. But your page is already there, face you have to pay money to reach even the people you like. Goes for a Facebook page or group Organic Reach is dead so Your affiliate links will not be promoted profitably So I do Instagram or YouTube or Facebook page or I do not recommend going into a smart group. Once your affiliate site starts getting traffic, Into a less competitive area, The strategy is to go and dominate it,

You’re into these verticals Into a YouTube channel or Instagram account Can go, trust me I’ve almost seven I have been doing this for years trying and testing everything The best strategy is, first Starting the Website Scale, And then Going into the various columns of YouTube and Instagram Because it gave me the best results. What is making money from affiliate marketing through website Everything about our affiliate marketing course playlist is explained in detail, But right now I know you I will provide a general overview of how this process works The first step is to do appropriate research, Less competition And I’ll help you find a niche where you can make a profit I will, in the next lesson.

I will How To Make Pro Affiliate Website Let me share with you how to get started, I will share with you my tips and strategies I have learned over the past seven years in affiliate marketing, I will also tell you the essential things you need to follow to ensure that your account is not blocked, The third step is the keyword Research I am perfect with you, I will share the strategy with your Less competition to make money is key Years of words The fourth step is to find out within months rather Writing articles, or you can write it yourself But I also tell you how you can outsource it to anyone Say and how many words should be in your article I spent thousands of dollars to find out the best story structure, I tested everything, and I was in one of the lessons I will share with you with that perfect article template

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