Double AdSense Revenue with CPM CPC ad network


Increase  AdSense earnings with AdsOptimal CPC CPM Ad Network

Best CPM and CPC ad network for small publishers it also runs with Adsense, Doubles your earnings
AdsOptimal an ad network has been established since 2012, is headquartered in San Francisco, California, USA. They are partners of many other well-known ad networks, including Google Adsense, DoubleClick (by Google), Criteo … so you can be assured of the quality and credibility of advertising.

AdsOptimal Scam Alert: Unknown Status

Are Visitors spending more time on your website? Low CPM?

Here solution with auto ad refresh Gets more earnings extra CPM from visitors.

AdsOptimal also named as AdSense alternative CPM-CPC Ad Network.

AdSense+AdsOsptimal = $$$$$$

AdsOptimal CPC CPM Rates are nearly similar to AdSense

Best feature in this AdsOptimal is ad auto refresh after 30 sec(it increase revenue)

AdsOptimal best CPM network for small publishers

Why choose AdsOptimal?

  • It runs with Adsense; you can use both Adsense and AdsOptimal ads
  • This is a prestigious advertising network, is a partner of many well-known vendors including Google. You will often see the Google Adsense ads appear.
  • Register Easier Google Adsense. The approval process also takes place quickly. Usually, you’ll just have to wait for 1 to 2 days.
  • Accept the Vietnamese site.
  • After registering your account, the signup bonus $15(non-premium websites $10 )
  • The level of Minimum payment of $50 (only half compared to Google Adsense)
  • Accept payment via Paypal and Check (Czech Republic).
  • Primarily commissions are ad impressions. That is if your site has the greater number of page views, the money that you earn as high.
  • WordPress and Joomla Plugins available to implement
  • Supports multiple ad sizes, optimized for both mobile devices and PCs. You can use plugins to integrate mobile ads quickly.
  • They are paying up to 10%  referral commission.
  • However, there is also a downside AdsOptimal it’s pretty slow payment. You will have to wait between 15 and 24 days after the end of the month to receive payment.

Note: blog acceptable only a chance of 10%. Minimum posts or content post required.


How to signup and make money with AdsOptimal?

1. You need to access the home page of AdsOptimal Click on the “Sign Up Now“. A registration form will appear, asking you to fill out the necessary information.


After declaring email, password, full name, please tick the three items below and click “Submit.“

Adsoptimal signup - best AdSense alternative

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    1. You will NOT get banned Using Both ads; We are still Using Both ads on my site, Side and Top Right side of the header Ads are Adsense Ads, and Inside article ads are AdsOptimal ads
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