How to get Adsense Account Approved blogger/web

Google Adsense approval blogger fast
Google Adsense approval blogger fast
Google Adsense approval blogger fast
Google Adsense approval blogger fast

how to get google Adsense approval fast

To approve your site By Google Adsense Important point you site, by using this steps your Adsense Approval Process fast.

  • Buy and use Custom domain name

Blogger or blogs Adsense approval Percentage is very low, better to use Custom domain, buy a domain and use for Approval

  • Add Good Template and Navigations

Provide a clear navigation system for your visitors so that they can easily find all of the sections and pages of your website.

  • Add Good Quality Sufficient Content in your Site

If your Site content site, that content should have complete sentences and paragraphs and headlines.

  • Add Metadata like Title, Description of your Site

In HTML add Meta data about Your site to know search engines your Website content.

  • Your Website Must be Index, use Google webmaster tools to index your site.

Submit your site to search engines and main important to index in Google search engine to index your site in Google Search engine Fast way to use Google Webmaster tools

  • Do not use copied content or Images

Ensure that your website contains good unique quality content, do not apply while your site still in a beta or under construction phase or no content in your site.

  • Follow Adsense policies and don’t use other Ad networks when approval process

  • Add site info like Privacy policies, About, Disclaimer, Contact


For approval process, you should add Ad code in Homepage

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