5 Best ways to increase Youtube organic traffic Free

How to increase YouTube organic traffic

An Easy way to drive youtube organic traffic.Organic traffic decreases bounce rate because that is interested based results.Youtube organic traffic increases CPM and CPC rates.

Easy tips to get and generate youtube organic traffic.

  • Thumbnails

  • Title

  • Description

  • Tags  ( Most important )

  • Create playlists


  • Thumbnails of the video

Before that Generate or upload good Thumbnails to your videos.

90% of the best-performing videos on YouTube have custom thumbnails.

Generate or upload Attractive thumbnails that helpful to easy clickable and find your video in the crowd.

Attract more viewers and increase watch time by custom thumbnails, click-compelling thumbnails of your own.


how to increase YouTube organic traffic
how to increase youtube organic traffic
  • Write Good Title to the video

The Title of the video is playing a necessary role in drive traffic from search.

Make sure related trending title.

Don’t use a short title.A catchy headline can help you stick viewers.

Use Natural language to understand most peoples.


how to increase organic traffic to your website
how to increase organic traffic to your website


  • Write Description about Video

Write real Related Description about your video.

Explain about your channel and add related your site links to get back visitors.

Add some keywords related to your video in the description.

Add your social media Links.This Increase YouTube Organic Traffic.


  • Add Tags to the Video

Related Tags are most important than others; tags play a significant role in Drive Organic traffic.

Tags are nothing but keywords.

You can copy your competitor tags with simple extensions (plugins) Tags for YouTubeTubeBuddy

Install tags for Youtube plugin select your competitor video description(show more) end of the description tags will appear, copy that tags paste in your related video tags then save.

YouTube organic traffic
Drive YouTube organic traffic

and the second plugin you need to register and link your channel premium and free versions available.


  • Create playlists to Your Videos

Create playlists to your videos; it helps to get more views and impressions.

Get YouTube organic traffic by creating playlists.

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