bulk URL opener chrome extension

Bulk URL Opener Extensions or Plugins

Bulk URL Opener Chrome Plugin

Bulk URL Opener Chrome Plugin opens Multiple links (websites) at a time. This extension for Google Chrome useful to time-saving bulk URL opener extension.

This is a very useful chrome plugin

Just need to paste your daily using links from your saved notepad or from anywhere, URL selects open All that will open your website URLs to new tabs. Single Click To Open Multiple URLs

bulk URL opener chrome extension

Mozilla Firefox Extensions

Extensions for Mozilla to open URLs bulk click and add the addon to your browser.

Bulk url opener extension mozilla

Open multiple URLs with One Click

Bulk URL Opener is a simple chrome extension
that you can use to open multiple URLs at once (in new tabs or windows).

Usage: Enter each URL in a new line (you can paste the list if you prefer) and click the “Open All” button.
The app will then open all the pages in separate tabs or windows (depending on your settings).

The difference between this app and other similar apps is that if an URL doesn’t include scheme, it will default to HTTP. In other words,
you may skip the protocol part for “https://” sites and enter only the meaningful part.
For ex.: if you type “domain.com” it will be automatically translated to “https://domain.com”.
All similar extensions that I tested required fully qualified URL which wasn’t very convenient
for me and that’s actually the main reason I made this tool.

A simple and easy extension which allows the user to open a list of URLs in one click. multiple URL opener alternatively you can create and store lists of links that you use and then load them from the drop-down menu in the extension to open large amounts of links quickly and easily

-Allows a user to open a list of links quickly and easily

-Ability to save, load and edit lists of links to provide an easier way to store and use a large number of links

Opera browser Bulk URL opener extension Click Here

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