rich results test

Google Structured Data Testing Tool

Most of the SEO peoples are very familiar with Google Structure Data Testing Tool. This is one of the Best Useful tools for testing the website structure and errors in Structure.

When we testing the wordpress site with the testing toole most of the heplus results will appear webpage, hatom, wpsidehar, WPfooter creative work, site navigation elements. If there are any issues we can know and correct it, some of the coding knowledge is required most of the time we can search the error and find the best answers online and few tutorials available in youtube also.

Google now recommends using the Rich Results Test which may replace the old Structure data testing tool. or this is an alternative to that google structure data testing tool. Learn more about the new Rich Results tool. Below we showing the New Rich Results test Quick Preview of the testing tab.

rich results test

Below you can find the Results that saying page is eligible for rich results. All Structured data on the page can Generate rich Results. We can check the Specific page or any landing pages with this testing tool and is it eligible for rich results or not.

rich results test results

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