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How to Add Favicon to Blogger | custom Favicon to Blogspot

What is Favicon?

Favicon is a small icon of the blog or website. It’s a Brand Icon or Logo, That Displays at the top left of the Web browser’s Tab.

Many sites Use a custom favicon for their Brand Value. Blogger Default providing a  basic default Favicon as a Blogspot. You can Change it with your Custom one. For Brand Awareness So many Preferred Custom Favicon.ico

Online Favicon Generators

Thre are Much More online Favicon Making or converting sites. Some Of Them Listed below. Which are Useful to Create or Generate Favicon icons. After Creating icons we can easily use them in Blogger. online favicon generator tools are very easy to Generate icons.

How to Change Favicon in Blogger

Changing or adding a favicon in blogger is easy. Just you need a converted favicon. Or generate using online favicon generators. Then follow the below instructions.

blogger favicon icon upload

Go To 

Login to Blogger> Dashboard > Layout > Favicon > Click Edit > Upload custom favicon > Save>Save arrangement

  • Go to your Dashboard of the blogger
  • Then Click one The Layout at the left side.
  • Select Favicon option near the left corner of the Layout
  • Click  Edit Favicon
  • Upload custom favicon by Choose File. Browse from the folder or downloaded location.
  • Click save
  • Click Save arrangements at right corner.

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Enjoy Your Custom Favicon. Thanks For Reading…!

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