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Steps to submit Sitemap to Google Search Console

 How to submit your Blogger Sitemap to Google Search Console

Google Search Console (formerly Google Webmasters Tools) is essential for fast indexing of your website or blog. Verifying your site and submitting sitemap files help in getting your web pages quickly indexed by Google. Let’s go through the step-by-step process for submitting a Blogger sitemap to Google Search Console in 2024.

What is a Sitemap?

A sitemap is a file that contains URLs of pages on your website. Web crawlers use sitemaps to discover and understand the structure of your site. Major search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, and Ask support the Sitemaps protocol. Having a sitemap for your Blogger or website is crucial for fast and comprehensive crawling.

Why Submit a Sitemap?

Yes, it is necessary to submit a sitemap to index your blog or website in search engines effectively. Not all pages may get indexed without submitting a sitemap. Sitemap file contains URLs of pages. web crawlers can find them and Understand them. Bing, Google, Yahoo, Ask like search engines support the Sitemaps protocol. Blogger sitemap or Website Sitemap Need every site or blog. Without XML sitemap your blog or site should not get fast and Total Crawl.

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Do we need to submit a sitemap?

YES, To index your blog/website in search engines you need to submit the sitemap.

We should manually submit URLs to search console. Search engines, not index all your pages. Until your blogger or website sitemap submit.

There are two steps to getting index your pages. Most using a search engine is Google, To index your website in Google Need to use Google Webmasters Tools. Online blogger sitemap generator is available you can use them or simply follow my instructions to how to use the sitemap. Blogger sitemap page Helps good ranking, Useful for SEO.

About Google Sitemap

 Sitemap formats: Google supports several sitemap formats, described here. XML

single sitemap is 50MB (uncompressed) and 50,000 URLs Limit. If your sitemap have a larger file or more URLs, break them into multiple sitemaps. You can optionally create a sitemap index file (a file that points to a list of sitemaps) and submit that single index file to Google. You can submit multiple sitemaps and/or sitemap index files to have to generate more sitemaps for bulk URLs

The Google sitemap limit is 50k URLs?

2010 Google Sitemap update Increases Sitemaps Limit to 50,000 from 1,000. Update from date to date by counting the URLs if you generating sitemap.xml is 50k URLs you can use another sitemap for another 50 k 50k is the best amount. You can find submission tutorials on Youtube. sitemap formats and submission process.

Two Steps to Index Your Pages:

  1. Verification of Your Site with Google Search Console:a. Sign in to Google Search Console.b. Click “Add a property” and enter your website or Blogger URL.c. Verify your site using various methods; the recommended method is using the Meta tag. Copy the provided meta tag and paste it into the HTML header of your site’s template, just below the <head> tag.d. Click the “Verify” button in Google Search Console. If successful, you have verified ownership of your site.

  2. Submit a Sitemap to Google Webmasters:a. Sign in to Google Search Console.b. Select your site.c. In the left sidebar, click on “Crawl” and select “Sitemap.”d. Click on “Add/Test Sitemap.”e. Enter the name of your sitemap file (usually “sitemap.xml”) and click “Submit.”For large websites, consider breaking the sitemap into multiple files, each containing a maximum of 50,000 URLs.

Adjust the sitemap file names based on the number of posts:

  • For sites with below 500 posts: sitemap.xml
  • For sites with 500 to 1000 posts: Use two XML sitemaps (e.g., sitemap1.xml, sitemap2.xml) and submit them one by one.

Click the “Submit” button in Google Search Console.

These steps ensure that your Blogger or website is properly verified and that search engines can efficiently crawl and index your pages. For more information on Google Sitemaps, you can refer to the Google Sitemap Webmaster Tools documentation.

1.Verifying your site with Google Search Console

Click Add a property  (your website or blogger) to the right side of the corner below settings and help.

google webmaster tools submit sitemap
  • Verify your site

Verification of Google  Webmaster tools very easy, There are many methods in verification, best and standard using the method in website verification is Meta tag.

After adding the property, meta tag will appear Copy the meta tag and paste it into your site or blog HTML header.

Below <head>  before <body> you can paste anywhere and save your template.

Click verify Button in Google Search console.

If you success Congratulations, you have successfully verified your ownership of your site.

You can continue to search console.

2. Submit a sitemap to Google webmasters


  • Sign into Google search console
  • Select your site
  • Click Crawl in left sidebar select Sitemap
webmaster google


  •  Click Add/Test Sitemap 
webmaster google sitemap submit


Right side below setting Click Add/Test Sitemap. submit XML sitemap files.

sitemap.xml  works fine for Blogger.and there are two other works with blogger.


There are two other sitemaps if your site contains below  500 posts use the first sitemap file text.

Above 500 posts up to 1000 using two XML sitemaps one by one.

  • Press submit button in Google Search console.

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