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Free Growth Hacking Online Courses with Certifications

Free Growth Hacking Online Courses:

In the recent trends of online marketing, there is so much demand for growth hackers especially for the startups and small business.

free growth hacking

Definition of Growth Hacking:

Growth Hacking is a process or a set of processes comprising of experiments, methods and tricks for the rapid development of an organisation or a business.

Growth Hackers Average Salary in India:

The person who utilises growth hacking techniques for a startup or a company and is recruited/assigned is called growth hacker.

The Estimated average salary of a Growth Hacker in India is from 27,000/- to 70,000/- per month based on educational qualifications, reputation and expertise.

Growth Hacking Strategies:

One suit doesn’t fit all. Yes, you need to develop your own techniques, strategies and try out a couple of things before you find some best growth hacking strategy that fits your business.

The techniques may be simple like using better SEO Techniques (like using old domains or local listing for your business) and some techniques may little difficult (like using twitter handles). But remember whatever the techniques that provides, better growth in less time are the Best.


Growth hacking should be continuously evolving process

Growth Hacking examples:

If you think in deep there are many companies, which used growth hacking techniques for the improvement of engagement of people or increase of sales.

  1. Facebook introduction of timeline feature in 2006
  2. Google’s page ranking algorithm and recent “near me” search feature
  3. Pay by Paypal option on Ebay
  4. Amazon, Uber, Alibaba introducing wallets
  5. Youtube’s video sharing feature (You can embed Youtube’s videos anywhere easily)
  6. Whatsapp auto contacts synchronization (Remaining apps before has a hard procedure to add a contact, you need to send them request, and they need to accept that.)
  7. Snapchat targeting younger generations (Teens are more comfortable in using Snapchat than Adults) and the power of mobile.
  8. Instagram feature of only photo and video feature. (No more blogger’s spam and boring text posts, as we all know photos and videos are more engaging and attraction grabbing compared to link to your blog.)

Growth Hacker’s Courses:

There is no complete blueprint for growth hacking, it’s like out of box thinking, that you think of best ideas and experiment the ones which you think, will produce the best results.

But it is very essential to learn the growth hacking techniques that are already been tried and succeeded, instead of re-inventing the wheel again. Growth

How to become a growth hacker in India or International growth hacker?

Before thinking of how much salary is for growth hacker in India or in your country, it is better to start with some course and learn various growth hacking techniques. It’s just fun you will love it.

Growth Hacking Online Courses with Certifications:

    1. Growth Hacking courses By Coursera [Free But for certification you need to pay]
    2. – Growth Hacking course [Paid]
    3. Growth University courses- [Paid]

Free Growth Hacking Online Course with a certificate:

Recommended Online course for becoming a growth hacker:

Though there are many paid courses, online course by Rishabh at Mapplinks Academy is most recommended as there are free course and Advanced course training on growth hacking based on your proficiency and experience.

This course(s) will cover:

  • Growth Hacking Definitions
  • Rules/Guidelines for Developing growth hacking techniques
  • Growth Hacking Strategies
  • Steps to implement/experiment – Growth Hacking strategies
  • Measuring a performance/success of a technique
  • An Insight into various developed techniques
  • And more…

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