How much does it cost to run a website?

Everyone dream to expand their business, earn more than previous years. To achieve this so many offline works are done normally. When we come to online, we need a specific page or pages to explain what is your products, price, place of selling etc,.

There are many more options in the digital world. Social Media like Facebook and Twitter, Blogs, vlogs like Youtube etc. Choosing a better option and related to good reach depend on your products.

In every aspect, Website is more common nowadays and it’s very helpful in stuffing more and different content. That’s why sites are more common in Digital Business expansion and expression. In this article, we briefly explain how much does it cost to run a website.



This post is about blogging. Blogging is a form of writing which is done online and can be easily accessed by anyone. Bloggers are people who write blogs. They provide information to their readers, in the form of stories, tips and advice on various topics. Bloggers’ life has many ups and downs. They are often required to work for long hours, sometimes at odd hours as well because they want to keep up with the latest trends in their field or niche. But, at the same time they also get to enjoy some benefits like travelling around the world and meeting new people from different backgrounds and cultures.

Blogging is one of the most popular ways to share your thoughts, experience and knowledge with the world. Bloggers can get a lot of benefits from blogging, such as increased traffic to their website, more followers on social media and more leads.

There are many bloggers out there who spend hours on writing blog posts in order to get better results. But you don’t need to do that if you have a blog post writer by your side.

Blogging is a great way to share your thoughts, ideas and expertise with the world. The internet makes it easier than ever to start a blog of your own. Creating and maintaining a blog is not easy, but the rewards are worth it. You can learn how to create content for blogs by following these simple steps:

Follow your passion – Blogging is all about sharing what you know, so make sure you have something interesting to say. Keep in mind that you don’t need an expert opinion on every topic; just find topics that interest you and write about them.Create a plan – Before blogging, create an outline of what you’re going to write about in each post. This will help you stay focused on the topic and keep readers interested with new ideas each time they visit

Requirements to Run a Site:

There are few requirements must needed for your domain to be in online.

How much does it cost to run a website

Necessary to Buy

  • Domain Buy
  • Buying a Hosting

Somewhat Necessary:

  • Buying a Template or theme
  • Hiring a Developer
  • Hiring a Designer
  • Content Writer Hiring
  • SEO or Digital Promoter Hiring
  • Ad Budget for Paid Promotion

1. Buying a Domain

One of the most important and basic requirements are to choose and Domain name. You must register a domain name, In available names have to pay some fee for that. Many site are offering reasonable and coupons while buying a domain.

The cost may vary depending on TLD. the average cost to buy an available Domain name that cost nearly Rs. 1500/ year ( $20/Year). Taxes may vary depending upon your country. If You want Premium domain names that rate is also premium. Trusted Hosting sites offering domain Buying.

2. Choosing Hosting

When we come to Hosting things, the Hosting is required to run Your Domain Name. Thre are Free hosting services available on the internet but they provide limited bandwidth, storage and size. this type of free hosting is not good enough to handle more traffic to run and Business site.

That’s way at lease choose basic paid hosting services .prices depend on plans. Plans contain specific storage size, bandwidth, ram, Max domains allowing and Many more things depend on the seller. Hostgator, GoDaddy like site offering Hosting plans with first-year low Prices. Normally expected prices start at Rs. 2000/ year ( $26/Year)

3. Template Buying

Its not necessary to buy an Template. There are many more free templates available on the internet. The most important thing is not to choose, they are not welly coded or Optimized templates, and they mostly not willing to change their brand logo or Design by.

In this competitive digital world, Proper coded optimized website is necessary to get a good ranking position to get good traffic. ThemeForest like sites offering a good range of templates which costs nearly Rs.1500 – Rs 5,000/- (20$-60$)

4. Hiring Freelancer

This is the main part even though you having Domain, hosting and Theme. Few types of Works are required to give your domain to Life.

You need a Developer or database managing person for your website to connect hosting and Maintaining, Manage, resolve errors, backup like things.

Need and designer to design your theme or for Customize and manage your template.

Required a Content Writer to write good Quality content for your Business.

Finally, You need to Hire and Digital marketing or SEO Person to Promote and Index your Website. Without indexing or submitting to your website to Search engines You may not get index your site in Search engines.

If you have time to learn and Can Manage these things You don’t need to pay for in Hiring. And one more thing you need to Pay for Advertisements online if you are willing for Ad Budget.

Finally at Calculation:

Website Rs.1500/year ($20/Year) Hiring Things Rs.40,000 ($530)
Hosting Rs.2000/year ($26/Year) Taxes and cost changes Rs.1500/year ($20/Year)

Rs.5000/Year ($66/Year) Rs.40,000 ($530)

It’s with basic Estimated as Rs.5000/year($66/Year), Because form the Second year of running your domain and hosting plans may changes. This is an estimated cost if you received a good Hosting at a low price, the total price will affect.

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