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As a beginner to WordPress, it’s like confusing where the tools are and how they use when using that specific step what will happen as fear can come. In this article, we showing the process of making a new Content post using WordPress.

Easy Step By Step Guide with images we can show here to creating a new post in WordPress. Learn how to make a New Post in WordPress. With this content creating steps you can say hello world with Your Words.

To Create a Post in WordPress

here are the steps to create a post using the WordPress CMS.

  • Log in to WordPress Admin
  • Click New Post
  • Write title and Content
  • Click Publish Button

Here are the step by step guide to create a content with Images. Follow these steps to create your New article Post.

1. Step 1 Login to Your WordPress Site

Here you can see 2 types of logins via URL using the WordPress CMS. Use any of these to redirect your credentials area.



wordpress login

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