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Highest Paying URL Shortener Websites to Make Money Online 2018

Best Free Highest paying URL shortener Online

URL shortener one of the best ways to make money online with Website links., URL shortener sites convert  Long URL to short. We can share links online social media we can Earn money online with such type of  URLs. URL shortener is the simple way to make money online.

Go to link shortener websites add you a link. They give you a small link. Use that shorten the link to share with social media or blog sites anywhere you want.So many URL shorteners websites to make money, Depend on popularity and Best. We ranked top 5 and listed such URL shorteners.

url shortener to make money online
Url shortener to make money online
  • Uskip.Me URL shortener

Top highest paying URL shortener online. Simple sharing social media buttons. Average this URL shortener giving $1 CPM through all countries. We listed this is high paying, high CPM providing URL shortener. Try this shortener to make money you will know about the results. This can Give Best Results with India also. Generate good CPM Rates in India.

highest paying url shortner
Highest paying URL shortener


> Minimum cashout:  $5

> Payment: Paypal automatically paid weekly

> Referral: 10% of Referral earnings for life!

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  • LinkShrink URL shortener

Simple URL shortener link shrink. You need to fill the information forum in your account to receive your payments. Highest Paying URL shortener 2018.

Name, Surname, Address, City, State, ZIP, Country, Phone Number, Withdrawal ID.

> Minimum cashout:  $5

> Payment: Paypal, weekly

> Referral: 20% of Referral earnings for life!

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  • Shorte.St URL shortener

Shorte.St URL shortener is an excellent top rated URL shortener to make money online by shortening URLs. Earn with blog comments, full page widget social widgets available. WordPress plugin introduced to manage ads popup windows in WordPress.

> Minimum cashout:  $5

> Payment: Paypal  and Webmoney ($20 for Payoneer)

> Referral: 20% of Referral earnings forever!

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  • Ouo.io URL Shortener

Promote link and earn money with this OUO URL shortener. Best URL shortener to make money online. Promote link and earn money

> Minimum Payout:  $5, Payza($20)

> Payment: Paypal,   (Twice a Month)

> Referral: 20% of Referral earnings for life!

Register Here


  • Adfoc.Us URL Shortener

> Minimum cashout:  $10

> Payment: Paypal, Bitcoin  Every 7th of the month.

> Referral: 20% of Referral earnings for life!

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  • Adf.ly

Adf.ly Url shortener

> Minimum withdrawal of $10

> Net 30 days

>Payment: Paypal

>Referral: 20% of their earnings for life!

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  • Bc.Vc

Bc.vc Highest paying URL shortener. Make Money Using Bc.vc URL shortener

>Payment: Paypal

> Min payout:  $10

Register Here


All the above list are only For Make money by shortening URLs.

If you Not interested in money. Free Links shorteners.

Free and Best Url shorteners, there is a list of Free URL shorteners with tracking info providing Services. Try them they are free Link shorteners online.

a link shortener is a new money making URL shortener.  where you can shorten your looking links and share them on the internet to earn money. We provide full support for mobile so you can even short your links on mobile devices and also you can see your links stats on mobile devices.
Link.link uses CPM model to pay its user and therefore it pays for every ad impression. link shorteners offers very competitive rates and the lowest payout rate that it offers for any country is 2$ per 1000 views

Quick link is a link after which you can add your link that you want to shorten. Actually, this link provides you with the freedom from going to Link.link again and again to shorten your link. This link doesn’t shorten your link but it puts an advertisers ad into your link. Below is an example of a quick link, simply copy and paste the below link in your browser’s address bar and press enter to see how it works.

URL shorteners Payout Rates

paying good rates as its max payout rate is per 1000 views.

Url Shortener Minimum Payout

The minimum payout on Url shorteners is only 5$, so, everyone can cash-out their earnings just by accumulating this simple total in their account. Earning 5$ and make cash out, you can easily earn this total with little efforts if you know how to generate revenue from shortening URL services.

Payment Frequency:

When your account reaches the minimum amount of $5.00 or more, you may request your earnings. The payment is then sent to your PayPal account during business days no longer than 3 days after the request.


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