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How to find which Theme Website Using WordPress – Detect Site Template online

wordpress theme detector

WordPress Theme Detector Online WordPress plugin or Online detector  By using Site URL. WordPress website Theme Detector is a plugin or online detector like Joomla theme detector, Magento theme Finder, Drupal theme detector, Shopify theme detector Have you ever questioned?  What is WordPress subject that excellent web site the usage? If you bet that a site you want …

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How to Generate Youtube Videos to thumbnails in WordPress Automatically

video to Thumbnails generate

Videos to Thumbnails wordpress Plugin Video thumbnails YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, Dailymotion, Metacafe and More  Support type of videos. Video Thumbnails makes it easy to automatically display video thumbnails for your template. Set Featured Image Easy. When you submit a publish, Video Preview Image  plugin will locate the primary video embedded and retrieve …

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How to Improve WordPress Website loading speed

Free Plugins to Speed Up Your WordPress Site

Steps To  Speed Up WordPress Here Free Plugins to Speed Up Your WordPress Site. These plugins improve your page Load by 70%. Simple plugins to speed up WordPress. If Your site is Loading slow or Taking more time to load you may loss visitors. Visitors attention is more important. By …

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Hide or Remove Sidebar on WordPress Homepage

Hide side bar in Wordpress Homepage

Remove Sidebar wordpress Homepage Removing Sidebar in wordpress homepage is Simple process. Just using simple codes to remove sidebar from Homepage in WordPress blog. Somany sites don’t need sidebar on Home page. Some are slow down landing page by Sidebar. Simple solution to Remove Sidebar from homepage. Get faster load …

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How to stop getting Spam Comments on WordPress

Wordpress prevent spam comments

Prevent spam comments on WordPress with Plugins Nowadays we are facing more spam comments, WordPress Plugins Developers Solved this problem with simple plugins in WordPress simple free plugins helpful to prevent spamming. Get rid the Spammers by using Simple and Easy Plugins. Akismet WordPress Plugin This Akismet is one of the …

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